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Chickling :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 1 5 Under A Spell :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 4 2
Drifting Late
"I suppose eventually, people just drift apart. No matter how close they are at any point, there will come a day when they are no longer as close. That's just the natural order of things."
She could feel her heart breaking there and then.
"We used to be such good friends."
This phone conversation was turning out to be nothing but static and empty voices. Empty apologies, empty words, empty promises broken into two, an empty space that used to have a wall of trust built up around it. Once upon a time.
"Don't you remember? We would talk for hours, until I was yelled at by my parents to get off the phone. You would wait for me, for no real reason, just to talk about things. We'd say everything and anything. No secrets. A problem for one, a problem for two. That was how it worked."
I held my heart in my hands. It melted and fell, like water down a drain, through my fingers.
It was too late for sorry.
:iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 0 2
Say What Now :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 0 2 Otto :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 2 5 Celestial :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 8 24 Tick Tock :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 9 26 Powerful :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 3 2 she frowns upon you :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 4 20 Estrellar :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 1 2
a tiny clear bubble
a tiny clear bubble
hands up, pressed on the sides
but it's not normal; there's no exposion of particles
no rainbowed oil droplets spinning and cattwheeling outwards
there's just solid, hard clear walls
and the rumpled dress forms a nest
a nest like the ones you used to make at home with your doonas and sheets and pillows
only not
because those smelt like home and comfort and mummy
but this one smells like new clothes and insecurity and it burns the inside of your nose
so that it hurts to breathe
and the light flashes off the creases and a tiny speck
blinds you as you watch
and as you shift
in your dress
in your bubble.
you realise that you have to do something
it's as though you're a rose
and slowly you fall asleep
lying on the thorns and leaves and petals
and they keep ricocheting off the inside and outside
and the word best described for it by the kids at school would be "trippy"
but for you it's just normal
even though you don't know what that is anymore
and you snatch at a petal
:iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 3 0
Fairy Lights :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 5 0 The Insomniac :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 0 0 Strawberries and Cream :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 5 0 Fluffy :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 0 2 Scattered :iconyoucanreachthe-stars:youcanreachthe-stars 7 8

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youcanreachthe-stars's Profile Picture
So there's this girl, you see.
She doesn't really know anything about anything.
She's pretty ordinary.
She has a little brother.
She has strict parents.
She loves to read, and she loves her friends.

But most of all, she loves the stars.
She's fascinated by them, their timelessness.
They inspire her, like nothing else.
She thinks that when people die, they become a star.
When a star dies, then that's the end of the line.

She's got nine pebbles in her wagon.
She has no pet.
She spends way too much time online.

People say she's bright.
People say she's weird.
Some people don't like her very much.

She's terrified she'll never find someone.
She's terrified nobody will ever want her.
She's terrified she'll end up alone.
They're all like OMFG I GOT 1250000 PAGE VIEWS YAY and so I'm more like... "I just hit 500 page views? Yay?" But hey guys, guess what?


Anyway so the holidays are almost over, which is sadmaking, but they've been very relaxing, which is happymaking.

ALSO I GOT MY L's AND HAVE ALREADY ACCUMULATED NINE HOURS. I'm so pleased with that. I was actually paranoid that I was going to fail the test, even though I had studied really hard. Especially because when doing the actual test, the girl on my left kept being all, "Oh god... Oh god! Oh, godamnit," etc. when she got one wrong. Which was a lot. She failed. Which made me nervous. Then the guy on my right kept swearing like a sailor even when he got one right! Which confused me greatly but still put me even more on edge. In any case, I passed, and went out driving the next day. :D Buses are some scary shiz. As are cul-de-sacs.

This weekend's going to be super busy as well. I'm going out driving super early tomorrow morning, then to martial arts, then to walk dogs for monehs, then to HIGH TEA ASDLRJSLFJ WFSDKLFMSKLTJWLFSDJ ; HIGH TEA (I've never been to high tea before. Can you tell I'm excited?) then to some 'Performance Night' party. Then Sunday morning out to the airport at 6:30 to meet my gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Eliza who's back from New York/London and was away the WHOLE HOLIDAYS. Then to Chatswood for, uh, karaoke. Which will be interesting as I can't hold a tune to save my life.

Have been painting a little recently also, am doing an oil painting of that freaky-ass, yet extremely cool, Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The grey and aqua one? Yah man. It's actually turning out really, really well so far.

Also. DOCTOR WHO. What did you all think, then? Of the finale? I'll admit that I was a leeeeeeeeeeeeetle bit disappointed with it. Not quite as epic as the others. There were some good moments, though, however I STILL do not like River. Never did, doubt I ever will. (Changed my mind about Rory though, he's amazing.) It was a little confusing in places though.

In any case, That's me about to head off into my HSC year. I hope not to make it all about studying though. Whilst I don't plan on a boyfriend or any huge distractions or anything, and while I *am* going to be studying hard, I need to work on relationships with friends, and family, as well as myself. *deep moment*

  • Listening to: the rain
  • Reading: The Subtle Knife
  • Playing: Fur Elise - reteaching myself piano!
  • Eating: Butterfly Cakes


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DuchessEliza Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
My friend made this up to the tune of Dancing Queen, enjoy

We're doing the HSC, and we're all
Gonna be sweet
Oh, HSC, feel the burn of your hand cramping
It's our chance, to come alive,
Cramming it all in your mind
See that girl, write that scene,
Acing the HSC

You're a dreamer, you're almost done,
Keep on going and then you've won,
Checking over the paper,
Searching for a clue
You're in the mood for a scream
And then you just daydream...

We're doing the HSC and we're
Over belonging
Oh, HSC, feel the burn of your hand cramping
It's the end, we're all free
Leaving the hall, empty seats
See that girl, leave the hall
Just aced the HSC
DuchessEliza Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
Thanks for the water guns! I thought you might appreciate these...


and this if you haven't already looked it up, muhaha

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Check out my gallery sometimes and have a nice day :sun:

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